Variations by Steve Diet Goedde

Sin City Gallery presents Los Angeles artist Steve Diet Goedde’s new show “Variations” which introduces new photographic directions for the iconic photographer who has been shooting his trademark erotic style for over 25 years.  Goedde will present at the opening reception on Thursday, July 7, and the exhibition will run through July 24, 2016.

His most noted new direction is his recent explorations with Polaroid emulsion transfers.  Each photograph is a singular piece of art made from a ‘destroyed’ Polaroid.  Like a painting and unlike most photographs, there are no copies of these pieces.  They are created by removing the layer of photographic emulsion from between the two pieces of plastic that comprise the structure of a standard Polaroid photograph and transfer them permanently onto pieces of archival Arches watercolor paper. It’s a very delicate process because the emulsion layer is exceptionally thin and fragile and must be thoroughly washed due to chemical residue. This jelly-like emulsion is then manipulated onto the thick watercolor paper while being submerged in water. Once properly placed on the paper and dried, the emulsion expands and adheres itself to the paper creating a new and archival host to the image.

Goedde loves collaborating with artists, especially with those who share his vision but in different mediums other than photography. Such is the case with sculptor Colin Christian whose cartoonish and fetishized female sculptures could easily be considered exaggerated caricatures of the models that Goedde photographs.  For this project, Christian sculpted a wearable mask which stayed true to his style (giant eyes, pouty lips) and Steve photographed it on a model, thus creating a living, breathing version of Colin’s sculptures.

To add perspective to these new directions, the show will also feature a selection of recent photographs done in Goedde’s usual style.  Most of these photographs will be unveiled for the first time at the opening at Sin City Gallery on July 7th.  Preview copies of Goedde’s new book “ARRANGEMENTS: Volume III” (Century Guild) will be on hand to peruse. It’s the first volume of a 3-part series commemorating Steve’s 25 years of photography.