Sin City Gallery, 12 Inches of Sin and Modern Provocateur is featured in Calling Magazine (Turkey)

Calling Magazine  features Sin City Gallery artists Nancy Good, Will Roger Peterson and Paul Butvila, as well as our 12 Inches of Sin and Modern Provocateur Manifesto in their latest publication.

The article was graciously translated by artist Nanda Sharifpour.  Per Sharifpour, “The article provides an introduction of the history of sex: it existed before any thing else (human made) existed. It is as old as the human history. The article then explains the history of sex in art referring to ancient Greek artworks. From Grecian times, it advances to Sin City Gallery and explaining how 12 inches show works. The article elaborates on the educational and intellectual role of this show and also the role of women artists mixing two taboos of being an artist and working about sex subject matter, and sees it as a protest, a rebel against the society trying to either limit or objectify the women.  Dr. Laura Henkel is referenced as the gallery owner, producer of 12 Inches of Sin, as well as co-authors Henkel and Rosa JH Berland of the Modern Provocateur Manifesto.” 

Thank you, Calling Magazine, for featuring the gallery and its programming!  Thank you, Nanda Sharifpour, for translating the article.


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