Upon the highly successful exhibition of Sorayama in Tokyo, the value of the private collection has increased considerably.  For this reason, the exhibition of 50 original works of art to be exhibited at Sin City Gallery has been rescheduled for a later date.

Please contact the gallery for all inquiries and available art.

As one of the world’s most collected pin up artists, Hajime Sorayama is considered among the most influential graphic artists working today.  Admired for his iconoclastic outlook, the Sorayama aesthetic of fantasy, sensuality, and science fiction has held a steadfast influence over 30 years, and this unique artistic vision permeates visual cultural worldwide. The mark of Sorayama is seen in haute couture, the music world, film, and Sorayama has become a leading tastemaker in the world of erotica. This prolific and imaginative practice includes painting, digital art, drawing, and graphic illustration.

Sorayama’s creative training began at the Imabari Kita High School, followed by time at Shikoku Gakuin University and eventually art studies at the Central Art School, Tokyo. While he has always enjoyed drawing pin ups, professional work began in advertising. This proved to be an advantage, as a graphic designer he was accustomed to renderinggalvanized surfaces and textures in his work. This technical expertise developed into a creative exploration of contrasting hyper-real painterly surface and hybridity. The development of the sexy robot series began in 1978, a leitmotif constantly transformed in appearance and style over 35 years.

So, who is this sexy robot? She is a glossy futuristic sexy robot woman, metallic armor over silken pastels and shimmering skin, or darkly illuminated leather clad amazons, awash in nocturnal light. She is a succulent combination of endless womanly curves, part warrior, part mechanical, and part goddess. Sorayama’s unique world is a contemporary expression of the Shunga legacy of Japanese erotica, drawing from the rich and sensual sphere of the ukiyo-e or floating world painters.

Today Sorayama lives and works in Tokyo. To date his work has been the subject of over 45 exhibit catalogs and books, including Sexy Robots (1983); Objects of Design from The Museum of Modern Art, (2014); Sorayama’s Master Works, (2010 and 2014); Vibrant Vixens (2013); Sekushi Robotto Gigantesu (2015). The artist has also been featured in Juxtapoz magazine (2014), and most recently in the exhibit catalog Unorthodox, The Jewish Museum, New York (2015).

Nanzuka Gallery, Tokyo (2016); Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco (2015); Nanzuka Gallery, Hong Kong (2013); Gering and Lopez Gallery, New York, (2012), Nanzuka Gallery Underground, Tokyo (2010); (2008); Show Room, New York (2005). Notable group shows include The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Jewish Museum, New York (2016). Important permanent collections include The Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Carnegie Melon University, Pittsburgh, and innumerable private and corporate collections.

Select honors and awards include the Best Design Awards, Japan (2000); The Nike Dunk Project, 25 Most Inspiring Japanese Artists; and the esteemed Vargas Award (1996). The artist has also participated in art fairs including most recently Art Basel, Hong Kong, and Art Stage Singapore, 2015.

Sorayama Art Catalog, 2016