Preparation by Clarice Tara, Nude Survey 6

Nude Survey 6 | Curated by Eric Minh Swenson

Clarice Tara explores the relationships of femininity and the female form. Relating to the human body, her current work focuses on a physical interpretation of memory, sensation, and presence. She engages with a diversity in concepts and mediums. Ranging from hyper-realistic graphite drawings, to performance, sculpture, and photography, she discusses her personal experiences with womanhood. Tara’s work begins to blur the lines of reality with subtle shifts into the abstract and improbable. Her intention is to open a dialogue within the mind of the viewers through the language of shape and shade. Clarice Tara currently lives and works in Las Vegas Nevada while attending UNLV for her BFA in Sculpture and Drawing/Painting.

Her performance, Preparation, was captured by Nude Survey 6 curator and documentary filmmaker, Eric Minh Swenson.  > Watch Here

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