Strange Glove by Chris Bauder

Sin City Gallery is delighted to announce the premiere of American artist Chris Bauder’s exhibition Strange Glove featuring new sculptures on view from March 2 to 25, 2017.

Daring, erotic, truly experimental and impressively made, Bauder’s new sculptures fascinate through an immersion of organic form and artificial materials.

Bearing the imprint of the artist’s process of dipping, pouring and stretching his primary material — latex paint, these works suggest a certain intimacy and voluptuous strangeness. Surrealist, contemporary and playful, Bauder’s art of the body seems to transverse world of the totemic, symbolic, suggestive, and at times the simply mysterious.

Costume, science fiction, the profane, voluptuous and sometimes explicit references to erogenous zones, there is a certain unadulterated voluptuousness to Bauder’s plastic models of desire. Works like the Strange Glove series showcase Bauder’s ability to completely modify found objects, evoking a completely alternative tactile sense of touch, and meaning.

Bauder chooses for his beautifully rendered creations –an armature that is always a recognizable object or part, and then covers these with skins or shells creating a protective barrier. This creates a dialogue between audience and the object, as the familiar and erotic juxtapositions seem to compel every viewer to reach out and touch the work no matter what this familiar or totemic object might be.

Of this remarkable sensibility Bauder notes:

“I think a lot about intimacy, I want to convey a deep understanding of object, space, or subject. The objects are paired and grouped together closely and often in unexpected ways to create this very sense of intimacy. Through this process I hope to achieve a certain warmth or familiarity without relinquishing the narrative of the taboo”.

Widely admired for his contemporary sculpture, Chris Bauder works and lives in Las Vegas, and teaches at the College of Southern Nevada. Chris is the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Las Vegas ‘Centered’ Art Award, 2015, Nevada Arts Council Fellowship, 2013, and the Sculpture Prize, 55th Annual Art Roundup, Las Vegas Museum of Art, Juried Exhibit, 2006 and the Sierra Arts Grant, 2003. Chris holds his BFA and MFA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

An exhibition of unique and scintillating works not to be missed, please join the Artist Reception on March 2, 2017, 6:00 PM to 8:00 P, at 107 E. Charleston Boulevard, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104.