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Pomengranate #1 by Nanda SharifpourNANDA SHARIFPOUR

Artist Nanda Sharifpour left Iran and found more freedom to express her artistic vision in the United States. Her work is expressive of feminine experience and in the fascinating naturalist portraits of women, creating an illusionistic sense of intimacy.

Sharifpour unveils the lives and countenances of the women she paints. Her work is critically important because it offers her audience an intimate glimpse into the world of women in the Middle East often concealed from not only Western eyes, but also within their own culture. As such, her paintings are rare opportunities to see the human side of oppression and give a rich voice to feminine lived experience.

Magical realism allows an artist to inject layers of meaning without being obvious. In American culture, where there is freedom of expression, this approach may seem forced, unnecessary and misunderstood.  But this system of communication has become very Iranian. ~ Shirin Neshat

Sharifpour’s latest work features pomegranates as an allegory of feminine nature. The visual appearance is the feminine character. It looks simple on the surface, but inside it is complicated, an organized chaos. The vibrant red color represents emotion and passion. The pomegranate serves as a metaphor for Middle Eastern women who are strongly prohibited to mention feelings and senses, especially when it comes to all matters of sexuality.

The pomegranate has been in my country for a very long time. It can be seen in architectural ornaments from 600 B.C. to contemporary artworks. It is also one of the icons we use to celebrate “Yalda”, the longest night of the year. The cultural history and interesting appearance encouraged me to explore deeper meanings and symbolisms. ~ Nanda Sharifpour

Sharipour exhibits internationally. She holds her M.FA, Fine Arts and B.A. Graphic Design, Azad University of Tehran, Iran. She continues to exhibit internationally. She serves as teacher at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Pomegranate Series. (2015), 12″ x 12″, Oil on Canvas, $1200 each (SOLD)

Abundance (2015), Short Film

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Pomegranate #3 by Nanda Sharifpour