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Paul in Cape by Marne LucasMARNE LUCAS

New York-based artist Marne Lucas is a prolific artist, photographer, filmmaker, performer and activist on behalf of sex workers. Her exploration of the storytelling possibilities of erotic portraiture in which she deftly coaxes the personalities out of her models and orchestrates scenes like a seasoned director. Her models are both the artist’s subject and an object of desire. For Lucas, the tropes of male sexuality are subverted and celebrated. Her perspective—that of a female behind the lens making gay male erotica—offers a fresh and lighthearted take on the genre.

MANWICH is a body of photographs celebrating the male physique and character as Lucas sees men through her fantasies and dreams.  With humor, warmth and intimacy, her work portrays all types of men.

Lucas’ visual style uses fashion design and art direction to achieve a sensual aesthetic. ~ QVegas Magazine

Her most notable work is “The Operation,” completed in 1995. It is an erotic short film made with filmmaker Jacob Pander, employing black-and-white thermal imaging technology. The result merged invasive surveillance cameras and the body in the service of fine art.

I collaborated with Pander to depict an otherworldly surgeon and- patient coupling in an operating theater, and merged invasive surveillance technology and the body. The film set the stage for provocative expression of explicit intimacy with a new way of observing both surface and subcutaneous flesh. The film is considered a cult classic and has won awards worldwide, including The New York Underground Film Festival (1995). It was my first major art project, sort of my version of a thesis project for my twenties and it changed my life. It made me accept that I’m an artist, and that I’ll take personal risk and participate in my own work regardless of societal attitudes about sexuality. ~ Marne Lucas


Post-porn or porn, individual odysseys or raw randiness, you decide.

~ Jerry Saltz, New York Magazine


Adam, Glassware (2012), 16″ x 20″, Photography, $650

Paul, Cape (2012), 16″ x 20″, Photography, $650

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Adam and Glassware by Marne Lucas