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The Shell Source by JK RussJK RUSS

New Zealand artist JK Russ is a creative polymath and has worked as an artist, curator and writer throughout her career, including as a contributor to the Huffington Post. Today she lives and works in Las Vegas and is regarded for her intellectual rigor and the way in which she questions ideas of socially inscribed mores through hand-assembled collages.

Russ unites erotic imagery, desert terrain and pop culture, creating otherworldly environments where the vulgar and frightening merge with the luscious and beautiful.”  ~ Kristen Peterson, Las Vegas Weekly

Russ’ works are often sexy and fun robust creations of women in desert landscapes with pastel atmospheric skies stretching eternal. Her works also explore gender and sexuality combining photography with the moving image.

Nowhere is tolerance and understanding of diversity more important than in the area of sexuality. And of course, art that relates to sexuality can play an important role in encouraging communication and acceptance. I just love the depictions of female sensuality. What is seductive – and how?” ~ JK Russ

Russ’ work absorbs the awe of the desert and its sculptural rock formations and creatures, along with her observations of the sexually charged casino culture, built on fantasy and illusion. Like the themes in her works, she’s an alien in an unfamiliar place, much like the rest of us.

Despite the bawdiness of her work—imagine a Playboy spread shot by Hieronymus Bosch.  ~ Mark Ellwood, Vegas Magazine

She continues to participate in exhibitions internationally. In 2014, she was featured as a prestigious Artist in Residency, P3 Studio, The Cosmopolitan, New York City, Art Production Fund and is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including 2013 “Best Art Import”, Las Vegas Seven Magazine. In 2012, Russ’ work was featured on the Las Vegas episode of “The Ethical Hedonist,” produced for the Travel Channel UK. 

Arachnid Seduction Series (2012), Collage

The Source Shell (2015), 16″ x 20″, Collage, $950

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