Direct To You In 20 Minutes by Juan Muniz

“Direct to You in 20 Min” is an exclusive collection of paintings from Las Vegas based artist Juan Muniz. Living in a city that is portrayed in the media as a party town where anything is accessible for the right price, the artist creates a unique body of work that unveils the hidden meaning of Sin City in our every day lives. With sexuality being projected at every turn from the Internet, magazines, video games, and giant billboards, we lose our innocence and the true purity of love to have it replaced with the superficial. In each painting, Muniz creates a juxtaposition between lust and love, as well as innocence and jaded views.

About the Artist

“Say it simple, mean it deep” is one of Juan’s primary goals. His paintings often feature cartoon-like characters wrestling with modern life: intrusive technology, dependency, courage, love, denial, and awareness.


Juan started drawing and painting as a child in San Diego and later attended Collins College in Arizona for animation and receive a degree in graphic design from The Art Institute in Las Vegas.


The primary character Juan paints, ‘Felipe’, is neither male or female and is often shown wearing a rabbit suit and a mask. Juan states: “We often wear a second skin in daily life or at work and the ‘skin’ doesn’t reveal much of our true self.  The ‘mask’ I draw is a blank stare and depending on the situation, can convey humor, doubt or irony.