City of Angels by Jeff Wack

Sin City Gallery is pleased to exhibit Jeff Wack’s new body of work, City of Angels. City of Angels is inspired from his lifelong affair with the City of Los Angeles. In the pieces, his idealized and empowered, sometimes vulnerable, female goddess/provocateurs weave in and out of a subtle shadow play of imagery and metaphors combining locations, history and celebrity that is Los Angeles.  The surreal imagery is rich in layers and depth and prods the viewer to spend the time to take in the symbolism in the shadows as well as the light.  Having an immense admiration for traditionalists like Caravaggio, the importance of the dark in both content and meaning takes a large precedence, a pull between beauty and pain. And last, but obviously not the least….as the Talking Heads said: “The world moves on a woman’s hips.”

The exhibition begins November 3 through December 31, 2016.