Steve Diet Goedde’s Polaroid Transfers | Stank Magazine

“To have and to hold; to touch and to feel. Such was Steve Diet Goedde’s objective in creating a series of Polaroid emulsion transfers for his “Variations” show, up through July 24.

Hopefully, people will want to buy them, because it’s a thing that you can possess,” Goedde said in a phone interview last night.

Models for the images, wearing stilettos, fetish accessories and lingerie, were shot in Goedde’s signature style. The process of making the prints, however, was vastly different from his usual one: Instead of using standard film, scanning each frame and making digital prints like he did for the last 10 years, he used a Polaroid camera, removed the fragile emulsions from the photos, rinsed off the chemicals and transferred each of them to Arches watercolor paper, creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

“I don’t like photography that looks too lifelike,” he said. “It’s got to have some kind of an organic feel to it. I like my work to look painterly, and this is the perfect means of creating that feel.”” > Read More, Stank Magazine

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