Freedom and Fluidity: The Art of Aaron Sheppard

These are inarguably sensitive times. Reality swims in a turbulent fluidity. A misstep in labels or language is a grave error, even when the rules are being written and rewritten in real time — but somewhere there’s gotta be a moment where poetic ambiguity can safely flow.

In artist Aaron Sheppard’s statement for his exhibit Sensitive White Boy Syndrome, on display at Sin City Gallery, he says that he feels art must be “examples of truth beyond statements” in these politically charged times, while also admitting to his own ignorance and insensitivity, understanding that transgression might seep in. Yet as a towering, slender man perpetually wearing eyeliner, who slips into heels and fishnets one moment and into torn jeans while wielding power tools the next, he is what one might call fluid. > Read More

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