Sensitive White Boy Syndrome by Aaron Sheppard

In his new series of work, Sheppard explores drawings with more elaborate decorative frames to mimic actions internally to then exude that sense of place within the reality of the place and room it exists. Collages on wood without such frames explore similar hybrids of themes using adult magazines joined together with sewn thread lines of color with a more haphazard sense of fleeting impermanence.

Per Sheppard, “We are entering a time when more personal examples are to be shared as ways for people to persist to endure. In this place we are entering we plant truths that will be celebrated, tolerated and provide foundation like magnificent trees of a forest.” For his part, Sheppard simply shares entrance into his own germinating garden.

Sheppard’s exhibition, Sensitive White Boy Syndrome, runs from April 6 through April 29, 2017.