Kei Kusuma | Ultrablack

The limitless potential of the color of black is at the heart of Kei Kusuma’s show ULTRABLACK. Organized by Sin City Gallery, the exhibition represents of the evolution of Kusuma’s process, and parallels the idea of a primordial beginning with the ascension of creativity and artistic production.

Black is the complete absence of light. Historically and across cultures, the hue is associated with diverse meanings, alternately symbolizing elegance, luxury, evil, secrecy, and grief, etc. And of course, there is the enduring story that in beginning of all things there was just a black emptiness. Such powerful associations mean that black has a timeless and contradictive character.

For the artist Kei Kusuma black functions as a primary means of expression, even as an instrument. He points out that many artists use black color either for the preliminary process or for finishing purposes. However, Kusuma is interested in exploring the relationship of black color and drawing techniques, reflecting the importance of drawing as a foundation for construction, whether handmade or digital. In this exhibit of new works, Kusuma wishes to present a dialogue about the role of drawing, whether as part of process or the final product.

Kei Kusuma is the grand prize winner of 12 Inches of Sin, an international juried art competition attracting artists from all over the world.