Allan Teger

allan-tegerAllan Teger has been a full time artist since 1981. Before that he was a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University.  All of his work has its roots in his studies and teaching of psychology and spirituality.

The Bodyscapes intend to show that there can be two different realities that exist simultaneously.  They also speak to the possibility that we can  have more than one interpretation of what we see, and that both can be valid.

Each image is created by placing toys and miniatures on the body and shooting the picture as a single exposure.  All the elements are real and Teger does not resort to camera or darkroom tricks that would make the work less credible.  Most of the Bodyscapes  are shot with a medium format Mamiya RB67 or either Tri-X or T-Max film using a medium format Mamiya RB67 camera. The regular edition Bodyscapes are printed on Ilford Multigrade paper, and the collector’s edition is printed on Agfa Classic 118 fiber paper.  Bodyscapes photographs are issued as signed and numbered limited edition prints.

Teger is the recipient of many awards recognizing his amazing body of work.  He is the 2012 Best in Show winner for 12 Inches of Sin.