IMMERSIVE is an art experience not to be missed!  On April 9th, from 1:00pm to midnight, the day will be filled with the most incredible performance artists from around the world for your entertainment.


1:00p – 1:15p  Antwan Davis, Host
1:15p – 2:15p  DJ Chill Achilles
2:25p – 2:45p  Joseph Watson, Las Vegas Artist, Speaker, Being An Artist In Las Vegas 
2:55p – 3:25p  Brian Paco Alvarez, Art Anthropologist, Speaker, Arts in Las Vegas
3:35p – 4:05p  Eden Pastor, Speaker, The Value of Art Therapy  
4:25p – 4:55p  Sister Loosey, Activist, The Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Speaker, Who Are The Sisters
5:05p – 5:35p  Dustin Wax, Executive Director of the Burlesque Hall of Fame, Speaker, The Art of Burlesque
6:05p – 6:35p  Kinky Quartermaster and Curious Bunny, Las Vegas Rope Social, Shibari Performance Artists 
6:45p – 7:15p  The Paddy Wack, Speaker, Board Mechanics 
7:30p – 8:00p  Marshall and Krissy, Las Vegas Rope Social, Shibari Performance Artists   
8:15p – 9:15p  DJ Carey Featuring Cayce Andrews and Kimberly Blake

HEADLINERS | 9:25p – 11:45p (or longer…)

Tawdri Hipburn | Drag Queen Comedy

SpiderElla | Burlesque

Jon Rocket | Boylesque

Randi Deuce MJ

May Blush | Burlesque

Ambrosia Minge | Burlesque

Tawdry Hipburn

Alex Just Alex | Comic

Live Painting with Rizx, Neon, Cayce and Antwan

Kitschy Koo

Alex Just Alex

Lou Lou Roxy | Burlesque

Molly Boom Boom | Burlesque

JP Malone | Boylesque

Miz Charlamay | Burlesque

Rudalenski | Internationally Iconic Drag Performance Artist

Suwasit | World Renown Pole Performance Artist

Roxy D’lite | Burlesque Hall of Fame Queen Performance Artist

We encourage you to spend the day in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District, experience the many wonderful businesses in the area, take advantage of the live art auctions scheduled during the day’s festivities, and enjoy the art and vendor installations found at IMMERSIVE.


Host Antwan Davis

Host Madame Estrella

Host Lou Lou Roxy

Host Lou Lou Roxy

DJ Carey Coward

Las Vegas Rope Social

Jon Crowder

Roxi D’lite




Joseph Watson

Ambrosia Minge

Molly Boom Boom


Brian Paco Alvarez

JP Malone