Provocative/Erotic Art has finally come into its own.  No longer to be hidden or shunned, such art is now celebrated in museums and galleries around the globe. Such art, abstract to explicit, is prized by collectors, and the preservation of materials hold significant importance to academia.

A unique force in today’s art world, fine art curator and director Dr. Laura Henkel possesses expertise in contemporary and modern art, and has years of experience overseeing museum and gallery exhibitions.  Well respected for her understanding of the art market, historic knowledge of avant garde art, erotica and collecting the obscure, Dr. Henkel has a become a key figure in the exhibition and interpretation of provocative art that pushes the boundaries of experimentation. She is relied on by international artists, collectors, and museums for her unparalleled expertise and frequently worldwide for special projects.

Dr. Henkel holds her Ph.D. in Erotology specializing in Museum Science, and a Doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco. Dr. Henkel is an expert in the valuation of erotic art and ephemera.  Please contact her for additional information at