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Sin City Gallery is proud to present


by  Anthony Bondi

November 6  - December 24, 2014

Meet The Artist

November 15 @ 7:00 PM

It was a tangible expression of the notion that downtown Vegas might become a haven for artists.  The Enigma Garden Café was open between 1993 and 2000 on an unlit stretch of Fourth Street just north of Charleston by proprietor Julie Brewer.

It was very difficult to persuade people who did not live in the area to come down and visit.  A potential solution to the problem was to present a parade of art to visitors to Enigma.  When this plot worked and people turned up, Julie was likely to greet them.  She had a unique skill for making people feel welcome to her cafe.

In the absence of visitors from afar, the artists were content to entertain each other. The art community had already learned the benefits of collaboration; Julie encouraged it further. Every aspect of Enigma from its physical structure forward involved contributed skills by many of the people who spent time there.  By the time Enigma closed, The Arts Factory was carrying forward the notions that had been the motivation for Enigma.

The flyer collages were a candy wrapper around the heart of the monthly schedule of events flyers at Enigma.  Julie used her talent as a calligrapher to hand-write the schedules on the back of my collage work.  I normally  would  be found outside in the garden cutting and pasting images to create a unique ensemble .   ~ Anthony Bondi