Exhibition Announcement: 12 Inches of Sin VI Invited Artists

12 Inches of Sin

Liquor, Acrylic on Board, Paul Butvila (Canada)
Mr. Happy, Oil on Panel, Sean Ghobad (USA)
Hillary, Pencil on Matches, Mike Bell (USA)
Magic Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Fairest One of All, Mixed Media Collage with Ink Additions, Nicola Filippo (USA)
An Unexpected Visitor, Collage Photopolymer, Thor Sivertsen (Norway)
Masturbation En Oro, Collage, Noémie Faligant (Mexico)
Candid, Arylic Crystal Resin Embroidery on Found Dolly, Nathan Emanuel (USA)
Sharing, Oil on Board, Eric Wallis (USA)
Little Hasan, Assemblage, Steve Bormes (USA)
Sex Clock, Mixed Media Lightbox with Moaning Sound, Seth Maturin (USA)
Rubber Lover, Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas, Michelle Mildenhall (UK)
Big Mouth, Latex Paint and Pillow Stuffing, Chris Bauder (USA)


Serve You, Photography, Dennis Keim (USA)
Better Than Two in the Bush, Photography, Same Source (USA)
Thank God, Digital Photography, Analysis Cunningham (USA)
Dancer in the Corner, Digital Photography, Marc Schmidt (USA)
Same Model-Double Exposed, Multi-Exposure Instant Film, Curtis Walker (USA)
For Maniacs Only, Digital, Gloria Bollard (Italy)
Santo Nino, Photography, Kelvin Burzon (USA)
My Body Is My Own, Digital Photography, Brian Janes (USA)
Overstretch, Photography. think tank ART (Germany)
Neon Bodyguard, UV Photography, Robert Babylon (UK)
Untitled II, Photography, River Thompson (USA)
Day Dreaming, Photography, John Steki (USA)

Le Salon Des Refusés Du Péché

Le Salon_Pleasure Zone_Gold Ink Matt Card Framing_Helm Rulfrok_NZ

Pleasure Zone, Gold Ink Matt Card Framing, Helm Rulfrok (New Zealand)
Night Walker, Photography, Steve Gatlin (USA)
Grasping, Charcoal on Paper, Nadia Vanilla (USA)
Infrared Rosie, Photography, Dave Hanson (USA)
Important Parts, Acrylic Latex Permanent Marker on Canvas, Janelle Whisenant (USA)
Beavers Love Peckers, Pencil on Paper, Stewart Freshwater (USA)
Lexi, Ink on Paper, CRD Larson (USA)
For The Win, Videography, Sue Kay Lee in collaboration with Lindsay Rose Russell and Mike Silvers (USA)
Sultry Poultry, Porcelain and Glaze, Lorren Lowrey (USA)
Untitled, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, Thomas Eliasson (Sweden)
What Lies Beneath, Mixed Media Collage on Canvas, Wayne Monaghan (UK)
Eat Pray Love, Mixed Media, Nancy Good (USA)


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